What plant is that? Zamia

Macrozamia fraseri and Macrozamia riedlei are types of Cycad. The Cycadales Order is an ancient group of plants that have lived since the Permian era, more than 200 million years ago. [1] Australia’s Macrozamias could have been eaten by dinosaurs! I knew them as Dinosaur Plants when I was a kid.

Macrozamia fraseri in bushland

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Flowers after Fire

Hakea seedpods opened by the fire

In light of California’s recent devastating wildfires and Australia’s upcoming bushfire season I was reminded of Ralph Maughan reprinting George Wuerthner’s essay “A Century of Failed Forest Policy.” Wuerthner wrote about wildfires in the US, equivalent to Australia’s bushfires. He said,

Fire in the forest is not bad. Fire in our communities is.

I know fire in the Australian bush is a necessary part of our ecosystems, but I never thought about this being the case elsewhere.

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Regeneration after Fire

jarrah growing back after fire

In March there was a deliberately lit fire in Star Swamp Bushland Reserve. Last month, after time and rain, I went to see how the regeneration was progressing and it was amazing. The birds were singing everywhere. Ben from Nuts about Natives told me the dead looking zamias would be fine and they were sprouting up everywhere (from their burnt base).

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