woody pear trees

woody pear

Woody pear trees grow in profusion in the uncleared bushland at my work. The summer view from the potting shed is delightful, snowy white cloaking the brilliant green foliage.

summer view of woody pears flowering

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Christmas flowers

As Christmas approaches, the orange flowers of Nuytsia floribunda are a brilliant sight throughout Perth and the southwest. They’re called Christmas trees for the timing of their flowering, and are so much better than the fir Christmas tree people decorate. Nuytsia decorate themselves in a golden Christmas glow.

Nuytsia floribunda

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mulga country

I spent last week camping in the arid inland mulga country at Cue in outback Western Australia, 650km north east of Perth. It’s a beautiful red dirt landscape of low scrub dominated by Acacia with many Eremophila species.

a breakaway southeast of Cue township

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digging a new garden bed

Every winter I plant everlasting daisies (Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea) for their pretty pink and white flowers in spring. My dad helps me dig out a patch of the weeds in the vacant block behind my house and we plant seedlings. This year I thought I’d deal with the patch of weeds once and for all and I added lawn edging around the strip we dug over. I will have to hand weed as seeds I don’t want pop up, but the really difficult grass runners should be kept at bay.

the grass and weeds before digging

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a bog garden beside the pond

Spreading Sword Sedge

Last week the autumn rains started in earnest and Perth had the wettest May day in 9 years. This was just in time to soak the bog garden I planted two weeks ago.

flower of Agrostocrinum scabrum

“A bog garden is essentially a pond that has been filled almost entirely with soil or other material, and which retains moisture through all or most of the year.” – Building Frog Friendly Gardens [1]

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woody pear trees

Update 10/12/16: more recent photos of Xylomelum occidentale

woody pear flowers

The flowering season of woody pear trees (Xylomelum occidentale) is nearing its end. I enjoyed spectacular masses of white flowers along the southern freeway extension over the last few weeks.

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