jarrah trees in flower

Jarrah trees are flowering now throughout Perth, the Hills and into the South-West as far south as Bremer Bay. These majestic trees can grow more than 400 years and cloak themselves in cream blossom every spring.

jarrah flowers at Lake Gwelup

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at the lake

If I go to the lake without a camera, I see with more clarity, filing pictures in my mind that I can’t share, but capturing everything with crisp lucidity.

The clear blue expanse above, wrapping my shoulders in the afternoon kiss of winter sun. Endless glassy depths, smooth and tranquil in their watery glory.

The flooded gum reflected in rising waters, encircling a majestic trunk. Seedlings marching toward inundation at the lake’s edge. Girding their roots to withstand the long dry summer, only a memory in these chilled and waterlogged months.

The click and chatter of random frogs, interloping on their diurnal neighbours, waiting for sundown to fully awake a crescendo of song.

A swan’s black arch repeated in reverse of graceful symmetry, gliding smooth and imperceptible. A whistling kite grazing silent loops on a current far from the water’s opaque lacquer.

My brain remembers this idyll by noticing more, a wide vista of serenity.

reflection of flooded gum

These photos were taken another day under cloudy skies, but when the water was as glassy smooth.

autumn rain

running free at the lake

Overnight on Friday Perth had 18mm of rain and the mud island in the middle of Lake Gwelup is no more. The waters are rising with this good start to winter.

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water level through the seasons

The dog helps me take photos when we pass the water level markers at Lake Gwelup.

In autumn March 2015 the water is close to its lowest point. Two birds sit on a partially submerged log next to the furthest marker. (Click to enlarge.) The first marker is hidden behind the gum tree.

water level markers at the end of summer

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sedges at the lake

Baumea articulata grows at Lake Gwelup

Baumea articulata is endemic to Perth and grows at Lake Gwelup.

Baumea articulata at Lake Gwelup

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high waters in summer

boardwalk in winter

In recent years Lake Gwelup was an ephemeral lake which dried over summer. Historically this wasn’t the case:

“In the previous 32 years prior to 2000, the lake was recorded to dry out twice, since that year the lake barely remained wet once over the summer in 2005/2006.” [1]

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a walk around the lake

take a walk around my local lake with me

cloud above the water

we start on the boardwalk which gives a perfect view across the water

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cockies tongues

winter sun on Templetonia retusa

In early winter Templetonia retusa flowers and sets the bush aflame with scarlet, hence the common name Cockies Tongues. This many branched shrub grows in coastal areas on limestone from Shark Bay southwards, to Esperance and into South Australia. [1]

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kangaroos in the city

a beautiful day at Lake Gwelup Reserve. the golf course is out of shot left. the lake proper is out of shot right through some bushland

After walking with the dog at the lake this afternoon I was getting in the car when I noticed someone looking at me from behind the fence of the golf course that backs onto Lake Gwelup Reserve, or rather about six pairs of eyes. The kangaroos that live at the golf course were wondering whether that pesky dog would jump the fence and disturb their evening feed. The dog was already in the car but after my not starting the engine because I was taking photos, his eyes found them and he watched intently. I know he wanted to jump the 7ft fence. The mob felt safe so they put on a show for us.

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orange splendour

flowers of Banksia prionotes

As autumn turns to winter the flowering season of Saw-tooth Banksia (Banksia prionotes) winds down. The orange flowers were particularly spectacular in the bushland at Lake Gwelup Reserve in the past few weeks.

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