tadpole exchange update

Ash got some tadpoles from my friend’s pool that was due to be cleaned and chlorinated. They are motorbike frogs (Litoria moorei). The pool owner worked hard to make sure all the tadpoles were rehomed. Thanks to Tadpole Exchange Program and Kids Nature Club for help.

frog in the pond

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a tale of two frogs

The new tadpoles are happily chewing through the algae in my pond and the water is slowly turning crystal clear. After a couple of days their pale colour darkened and they blend in well with the murky water.

motorbike frog tadpole

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Perth tadpole exchange

Update 24/12/16: Dorothy the pool owner has a sparkling clean swimming pool and she managed to save all the tadpoles. Thanks to everyone who took some taddys.

A friend has tadpoles available in Karrinyup where her pool is about to be drained. They are motorbike frogs (Litoria moorei) and were under a pool cover so they are paler than usual. I got a bucketful today to put in my pond.


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frog life

frog in the pond

The motorbike frog tadpoles (Litoria moorei) in my garden pond have all metamorphosed into frogs, sadly the cannibal tradition continues.

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more pond life

Last November I got motorbike frog tadpoles (Litoria moorei) to put in my garden pond.tadpole in my pond

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rain at the lake

the view across the lake today

Winter is definitely on the way now that I’m hearing my favourite night time song, the evening chorus of frogs at Lake Gwelup. I love the call of Pobblebonks (Limnodynastes dorsalis) also known as Banjo frogs. Their call sounds like a plucked banjo string, other males reply and it seems to echo back and forth across the lake. Motorbike frogs (Litoria moorei) and squelching froglets (Crinia insignifera) add to the cacophony.

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Star Swamp

a beautiful autumn sky I went to Star Swamp Bushland Reserve this morning, looking for quenda diggings. Also known as the Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus fusciventer), these little marsupials were released at Star Swamp and Dianella Bushland after trapping in Ellenbrook when land was cleared for housing. Dr Geoff Barrett from DEC will be talking about “Quendas and Translocation” on Sunday 28 July at 3pm. Come along to Henderson Environmental Centre at Star Swamp, Groat St, North Beach to find out about the reserve’s newest residents.

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Frog in a Pond part II

frogs saying hello or is stripey a cannibal?

It took two years, but at last here is part II: Return of the Cannibals. Yes, my frogs are cannibals. I once caught a cannibal in the act, froggy froze at my approach but those little legs hanging from his mouth kept wiggling *sob* (sadly I don’t have a photo)

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Frog in a Pond part I

motorbike frog in the reeds

Every garden really needs a water source for wildlife – it’s important not just for frogs, but insects, birds and lizards – Happy Earth

A couple of years after putting the pond in my garden there were no frogs in sight, so I got some motorbike frog tadpoles (Litoria moorei) at the end of October last year to move things along.
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A wet November

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the unusual rainfall this spring.

The start of November had 29.4mm over four days, already above the monthly average of 19.7mm. So far the less than average rainfall in September has not been cancelled out by November’s deluge. The average from 1 September to 30 November is 152mm and we’ve had 143.6mm. If the forecast rain falls we’ll be going even more above November’s average, but may only meet the three month average. Seeing as predicting the weather isn’t my forte, I’ll get back to reporting on what’s been and gone.

The forecast rain fell and November’s rainfall was 57.8mm, the most November rain since 1984, when 73mm fell [1]. On 23 November there was 17.4mm – almost November’s average in one day. All this rain increased November’s long term average to 22.1mm. A wet November was the case across Australia.

Above to very much above average November 2008 rainfall over much of Australia largely cleared short-term rainfall deficiencies, especially over the NT, SA and WA.

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