Albany Farmers Market

peppermint tree near the market A couple of weeks ago I went to Albany and found the Albany Farmers’ Market. I love Farmers Markets. There were two girls busking on their violins to entertain the shoppers and everywhere I looked there was something I just had to have. I managed to stop myself (some of the time) but I acquired quite a few tasty treats. The ice-cream cone was very yummy, until it started dripping down my hand. I got potted water cress for the pond I’m planning for my garden and Norland potatoes from Albany Fresh Potatoes. Norland are very tasty, but they don’t like excessive handling or light, which potatoes you buy in shops are subjected to. I’m not likely to find Noland again, unless I grow my own, and perhaps I should.

bakery tasty norland potatoes scale for weighing produce

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A new (old) fridge and a cat looking for a home

my old fridge with the removal man, my dad My grandma recently moved into a nursing home and her house is being emptied ready to be rented. I scored her fridge (only owed by one elderly lady). It has a separate fridge compartment and freezer, which my old fridge didn’t. You had to open the fridge door to get to the freezer, so it wasn’t as efficient as a fridge with them separate. I had to defrost the old freezer more often than I would like. Also if you let the ice build up too much around the freezer compartment (which I had a tendency to do) you couldn’t close the fridge door, which meant it had to be defrosted right that moment.

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