passive solar house

As summer rolls around again, my house heats up and I wish I lived somewhere else. Fortuitously, I have plans to do just that!

too hot for cats

The Back Paddock behind my house will be no more. I’m building a small (3×1) passive solar, energy efficient house. If you’re new here, the Back Paddock is the empty lot adjoining my house.

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greywater in the garden

I have a greywater hose running from the washing machine to the garden so I can reuse the washing water on the vegies. Today the newly sprouted garlic needed a drink.


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a glass of rainwater

glass of rainwater

I’m drinking rainwater again after 6 months of tap water. After my tank ran down over summer, I didn’t set up the filter again until now. Why did I take so long when my favourite drink is rainwater??

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A new (old) fridge and a cat looking for a home

my old fridge with the removal man, my dad My grandma recently moved into a nursing home and her house is being emptied ready to be rented. I scored her fridge (only owed by one elderly lady). It has a separate fridge compartment and freezer, which my old fridge didn’t. You had to open the fridge door to get to the freezer, so it wasn’t as efficient as a fridge with them separate. I had to defrost the old freezer more often than I would like. Also if you let the ice build up too much around the freezer compartment (which I had a tendency to do) you couldn’t close the fridge door, which meant it had to be defrosted right that moment.

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Sustainable Building Design

It is no good just talking, writing or reading about sustainability. It requires us to do something toward that critical and vital end point – a sustainable world – so that we can all look our grandchildren in the eye with something like a clear conscience – Derek Wrigley [1]

For a number of years I’ve been interested in sustainable building design and I have a long term plan to build my own sustainable designed house. The first real-life example I visited was the Subiaco Sustainable Demonstration Home in suburban Perth. It was built by Subiaco Council, but is now privately owned. I’ve often wondered why more newly built houses aren’t designed using sustainable principles. I realise most such houses are individually designed by architects and this increases their cost, but some design aspects, such as passive solar principles, seem to me to be just common sense.

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