Trees are our lungs, without them we would have nothing to breathe.

walking the dog at Lake Gwelup

What plant is that? is an occasional series identifying native plants I find in the bushland areas in and around Perth.

I love nature and the dog and I do a lot of walking at our local nature reserves in Perth, Western Australia. The dog likes running in wide open spaces, while I enjoy the scenery, bushland and wildlife. We frequent Lake Gwelup, Star Swamp, Carine Open Space and the beach.

When walking the streets around my house, nature wends its way into my senses: the trees, the sky and suburban wildlife. I grow many locally endemic plants in my garden which attract insects, birds and the occasional bobtail lizard. I also have a pond with sometime frog visitors. I want to encourage others to do the same in their gardens. A birdbath outside your door can encourage birds, insects and others to continue their existence alongside us. If you have a question about growing Australian native plants please contact me.

I volunteer at my local animal shelter. If you’re looking for a four legged friend to keep you fit and enjoy the great outdoors with, visit a shelter and get a recycled dog. As good as a brand new model, but with twice the love.

Our natural world needs our help to continue supporting and enthralling us and that’s what I write about on this blog. Hope you enjoy my thoughts and photos and tell me what you think.


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  1. Hello Clare,
    I’ve found your blog really interesting. Not sure how I missed it up until now. I’m writing a blog about our house build in Perth. I’d like to say that it is a sustainable build but I think I’d have to drop that to semi-sustainable and trying…it’s a little more complicated given that we are living in New Caledonia..
    Two questions: firstly – what were the problems with the gas-boosted side of your dad’s solar hot water system – as we are planning on using this system?
    Secondly – I’d be interested in exchanging links.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Clare,

    I’ve enjoyed reading the recent few entries in your blog. I write about environment from a more historical and literary perspectives from my base in Freo.

    I’ve added a link to your site on my blog.



  3. Hello Clare
    just to say I enjoyed reading your blog and especially the long post about Dingoes. Altho I live in OZ I am involved in snow leopard conservation but I also spend a lot of time in the Australian bush and care about Australian wildlife conservation too – especially Koalas and whales. I didn’t know any of those things you wrote about dingoes, I’ve always been fascinated about them and have learnt heaps – thanks :-)


  4. Hi Claire.

    Nice Blog! I have been experimenting a little with wordpress myself with


    Anyway, we are in the process of building a new website for the Conservation Council WA and as part of that we will be hosting environmental blogs.

    I wonder if you would like to contribute to that from time to time?

    In the mean time keep up the good work. Dont hesitate to contact neville numbat on facebook or me at CCWA.



  5. Hi Clare,

    Great blog you have here.
    I have an idea to run past you – do you have an email address to which I can send something to?

    thanks, and best wishes.

  6. Hi Clare,

    I’d love to ask you a few questions about sustainable living & what motivates you to do it – do you have an email that I could contact you on?


  7. Hi Clare

    I saw you report on your previous site about planting a hedge of Albany woolly bush. Three years later, I wonder how it is looking now, three years later. Are you happy with it? Would you recommend it to others? Can you post a photo of what it looks like (to update your previous one soon after planting?

  8. Hi
    Great site.
    I live on Scenic Dr, op. Yellagonga RP. I’m a full time native seed collector (25 yrs), specialising in north perth coastal plain species. I have a farm dedicated to growing local plants for reveg seed. I’m also interested in all other natural things. Trying to get the COW moving on a few projects. I’m looking to network to get things done since I’m tied of banging my head on the beauricatic wall.

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