tadpole exchange update

Ash got some tadpoles from my friend’s pool that was due to be cleaned and chlorinated. They are motorbike frogs (Litoria moorei). The pool owner worked hard to make sure all the tadpoles were rehomed. Thanks to Tadpole Exchange Program and Kids Nature Club for help.

frog in the pond

Some of Ash’s tadpoles have metamorphosed into frogs and are enjoying life in their new locality. All photos by Ash.

garden pond

These cute little tadpoles and frogs have brought much joy. We’ll see how pleased he is when the frogs start calling all night long :) But that won’t be until at least next spring.

frog in the pond

He still has tadpoles growing which will metamorphose soon.

frog hopping away

Finding Frogs

Join the Tadpole Exchange Program to find or share tadpoles with other frog friendly garden enthusiasts. That’s how Ash got his tadpoles. You can join any time, but tadpoles are only available in the breeding season July-December (depending on the species).

Frog Watch has information about frogs in WA. There are recordings of breeding calls so you can ID frogs you hear in winter/spring in wetlands or your garden.


Photo credit

All photos © Ashley Abreu. Please do not reuse without permission.

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