woody pear trees

woody pear

Woody pear trees grow in profusion in the uncleared bushland at my work. The summer view from the potting shed is delightful, snowy white cloaking the brilliant green foliage.

summer view of woody pears flowering

Woody pear grows from Perth to Augusta. On the coastal plain they’re only found south of the Swan River. In 1965 it was collected west of Wanneroo but no longer occurs this far north. [1]

Scientific name Xylomelum occidentale

Common name Woody pear, Danja

woody pear leaves

Flowers December – February

woody pear flowers

In bud

woody pear in bud

Fruit hard, pear shaped and takes several years to mature. Seeds are winged and spiral as they fall. [1]

woody pear seed pod

Associated wildlife Red capped parrots and Black cockatoos eat the seeds, cracking open the very hard fruit with their strong beaks

hanging fruit

Moss growing on the trunk

moss growing on a trunk

Bark rough, grey brown and full of character


Resprouts from epicormic shoots [2]

This trunk was pruned at the fence line and is now resprouting in profusion

new growth at the fence line

Growth habit upright, irregularly shaped tree to 9m [1]

Xylomelum occidentale

Cultivation easily grown from seed. At work we collect ripe seed pods and wait for them to dry and open naturally.

open woody pear seed pods

The open seed pod looks like angel wings and I’ve used them to make Christmas angel decorations.

decaying fruit litter the ground

More photos of Woody Pear

Florabase record http://florabase.com/browse/profile/2331


  1. Powell, Robert (2009) Leaf and Branch: Trees and Tall Shrubs of Perth 2nd ed. DEC: Perth.
  2. Paczkowska, Grazyna (1995) Xylomelum occidentale WA Herbarium.


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