Perth tadpole exchange

Update 24/12/16: Dorothy the pool owner has a sparkling clean swimming pool and she managed to save all the tadpoles. Thanks to everyone who took some taddys.

A friend has tadpoles available in Karrinyup where her pool is about to be drained. They are motorbike frogs (Litoria moorei) and were under a pool cover so they are paler than usual. I got a bucketful today to put in my pond.


Please contact me if you have a frog pond near Karrinyup and can rehome some tadpoles. Bring a container to transport them, the pool owner has a net to catch them.

Tadpoles shouldn’t be transported far from their parents to limit the spread of the frog disease chytrid fungus. [1] Frog species migrate naturally, so moving tadpoles up to 5km is fine (about three suburbs). [2] Movement between the Swan Coastal Plain and the Darling Range should never occur because species are different. [1]


Last year I got tadpoles from a local aquatic nursery that has since closed down. Local frog species aren’t allowed to be sold. [2] The nursery had motorbike frogs naturally occurring in their ponds and if you asked at breeding season they gave you some.

last years tadpoles

This year’s tadpoles are pale compared to last year’s (above). They should be fine, but will need lots of cover to hide from predators.


I acclimatized the tadpoles to the new water temperature for about half an hour before releasing them.

Tadpoles eat algae and the string algae (blanket weed) which tries to take over in my pond provides a good diet. The first time I had tadpoles there were about 40 in my not so big pond and they munched through the algae and the water became crystal clear. Last year there were only about a dozen tadpoles and they didn’t do such a good clean up job before metamorphosis into frogs. When there are no taddys I pull out the string algae and add it to the compost. I’ll see how well the new tadpoles clean the pond this summer.

a frog last year

More Information

Join the Tadpole Exchange Program to find or share tadpoles with other frog friendly garden enthusiasts. You can join any time, but tadpoles are only available in the breeding season July-October (depending on the species).

Frog Watch has information about frogs in WA. There are recordings of breeding calls so you can ID frogs you hear in winter in wetlands or your garden.



  1. WA Gould League (2014) Tadpole Exchange Program.
  2. Aplin, Piano & Sleep (2002) Building Frog Friendly Gardens. WA Museum: Perth.

treasure in the garden

3 thoughts on “Perth tadpole exchange

  1. Anyone in or around Brigadoon looking for some tadpoles? They are mostly GIGANTIC! Quite pale in colour as they’ve been under the pool cover mostly. Pool is about to be heavily chlorinated as we are having to move and we would like to save them all ❤ Please contact me by email

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