mulga country

I spent last week camping in the arid inland mulga country at Cue in outback Western Australia, 650km north east of Perth. It’s a beautiful red dirt landscape of low scrub dominated by Acacia with many Eremophila species.

a breakaway southeast of Cue township

This time of year it’s around 0°C at night but can get warm during the day, up to 20°C. It was sunny the whole week I was there, but this autumn and winter there have been good rains.

the windmill and beautiful cloud

the main windmill at Dairy Wells

Lake Austin south of Cue township has high waters

Lake Austin

The creek beds have billabongs

billabong at Dairy Wells

Our campsite at Dairy Wells 5km south of Cue has all the mod cons

campsite antiques

And sparkling aquifer water on tap

tank stand at Dairy Wells

Wildlife is abundant, particularly birds. A pair of mulga parrots roost on the tank stand and regularly inspect the hollow logs. You can only see the colourful male on the top strut, the female is inside the right hand log.

Even some reptiles were out and about at midday

bungarra sunbathing

goanna sunbathing under the Acacia didn’t move a muscle while we took photos

The wildflowers aren’t at their full splendour yet, but were spectacular none the less

a carpet of wildflowers along Lakeside Road

Some plants are alien in their beauty

Dunna dunna and samphires at Lakeside Station

Dunna dunna and samphires at Lakeside Station

Others more recognizable

on windy hill

Cue gum grows on calcrete near Lake Austin

Wattle and mulga (Acacia spp) dominate the landscape

mulga country

Eremophila flowers put on a show

Eremophila forrestii

Eremophila forrestii

I have so many photos and Rosalie who has the leasehold of Dairy Wells shared so much mining and natural history with me. I’ll blog about my adventures over the coming weeks.

beautiful cloud on the drive up

stopping at Paynes Find on the drive to Cue


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