greywater in the garden

I have a greywater hose running from the washing machine to the garden so I can reuse the washing water on the vegies. Today the newly sprouted garlic needed a drink.


When I hooked up the complicated hose setup, it wasn’t working like it should so I investigated to find the problem.


The hose runs from the washing machine. (I use detergent without phosphorous so the greywater is ok to use on the garden.)


Out the back door.


Under the house.


Back out from the front of the house.


Past the wonky cherub and onto the paving.


Past the rainwater tank where Kyah the cat wanted to help. Then I found the culprit. There are 3┬áconnected 10m hoses to reach under the house. Kovo the new cat was captivated by the noise of water running through the hose. I haven’t connected the greywater runoff since he arrived and I think he may have dislodged one of the connections in his under house adventures.


Me going under the house to check is a weekend job, which I’m not looking forward to. In the meantime I watered the garlic plants from the rainwater tank. Today’s washing runoff soaked into the ground under the house and eventually it’ll soak down to the groundwater.


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