magpie lark

Update: 8 April mudlark flew back to his busy mudlark life

A friend found a magpie lark on the road. The bird was at the Vet for two days and today Liz tried releasing him, but he didn’t fly away. He hops around and flaps his wings and can glide to the ground. I’m looking after him until he can fly, then I’ll release him where he was found.

I don’t really know what I’m doing.  If anyone knows about caring for wildlife can you answer my questions.

We assume the vet checked for injuries and he can’t fly because he’s a fledgling. Is he a juvenile? This is his back feathers.

peewee from behindWhat should I feed him? He’s eaten seed, polony (devon/bolony) & live earthworms. I assume polony is unhealthy but he’ll eat it from my hand, so i think the vet was giving him that. Is there other food he should or shouldn’t eat? I’m guessing I shouldn’t be hand feeding him.

If he’s a fledgling will he be able to learn to fly without parents to teach him?

Not sure if he should have earthworm or seed, he chose earthworm. My worm farm has many uses.


Note: the photo in the header is of a different bird.


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