more pond life

Last November I got motorbike frog tadpoles (Litoria moorei) to put in my garden pond.tadpole in my pond

I got them from a local aquatic nursery about 3km from my house. Local frog species aren’t allowed to be sold. [1] This nursery has motorbike frogs naturally occurring in their ponds and if you ask at breeding season they will give you some. Tadpoles shouldn’t be transported far from their parents to limit the spread of the frog disease chytrid fungus. [2] Frog species migrate naturally, so moving eggs or tadpoles up to 5km is fine (smaller froglet species should only be moved 3km). [1] Movement between the Swan Coastal Plain and the Darling Range should never occur because species are different. [2]

tadpoles for my pondReleasing the tadpoles in my pond after they acclimatized to the water temperature

releasing the tadpoles in my pondWithin six weeks they had grown to about 5cm, their tail two thirds of that

tadpole in my pondI don’t have an underwater camera so it was hard to take photos of the tadpoles. Can you spot them in these photos?

tadpole in my pondPart of the reason I get tadpoles is so they eat the string algae (blanket weed) which tries to take over in my pond. Last time I had tadpoles there were about 40 in my not so big pond and they munched through the algae and the water became crystal clear. This time there were only about a dozen tadpoles and they didn’t do such a good clean up job before metamorphosis into frogs, which I’ll blog about next. I’m back to pulling out the string algae and adding it to the compost.

More Information

Join the Tadpole Exchange Program to find or share tadpoles with other frog friendly garden enthusiasts. You can join any time, but tadpoles will only be available in the breeding season July-October (depending on the species).

Frog Watch has information about frogs in WA. There are recordings of breeding calls so you can ID frogs you hear in winter in wetlands or your garden.



  1. Aplin, Piano & Sleep (2002) Building Frog Friendly Gardens. WA Museum: Perth.
  2. WA Gould League (2014) Tadpole Exchange Program.

3 thoughts on “more pond life

  1. Interesting. I never thought about tadpoles as you describe. I have frogs that live is shaded and damp/wet areas around my garden. It’s great to see and hear them going about their froggy lives. Thanks for following my post. Look forward to reading you frog post.

    • i waited a couple of years after i put in my pond for frogs to arrive and they didn’t so i helped nature along. still writing the sequel post. i have lots of photos of the frogs, but i haven’t seen the adults for two weeks. they are masters of disguise

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