what plant is that? marri

first marri flowers of the season

The end of summer marks the start of marri flowering season (Corymbia calophylla). You can see their pretty white or pink flowers throughout Perth and the south west from now through autumn. Many birds and insects depend on the nectar and pollen of marri during the long flowering season. [1]

pink flowering marri at Lake Gwelup

A number of pink flowering marri grow at Lake Gwelup. The largest has a huge trunk a metre across and could be hundreds of years old. Their life span is 250-300 years. [2]

giant trunk of an old marri at Lake Gwelup

Marri was originally classified in the Eucalyptus genus but was renamed Corymbia because the leaves are held with their upperside up. Eucalyptus spp. hold the leaf edge upwards. Thus marri provides more shade than eucalyptus trees. [1]

Scientific name Corymbia calophylla formerly Eucalyptus calophylla

Common name Marri, Red Gum

Flowers autumn

marri flowers at Lake Gwelup

Bud club shaped Bud-cap (operculum) rounded with a blunt point [2]

marri buds and flowers

Gum nut large, urn shaped [3]

marri nut

Marri seed is a major food source for black cockatoos: Carnaby’s, Baudin’s and Red tailed. They chew through the thick nut with their strong beak to get the seed. [1] This black cockatoo lives at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre and can’t be released because her broken wing means she can’t fly. She takes part in education programs around Perth

black cockatoo eating a marri nut

Bark rough, tessellated [3] exudes a dark red kino or gum [2]

marri bark

Growth habit large tree up to 40m, with wiggly branches [1]

marri trunk

Florabase record http://florabase.com/browse/profile/17104


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