learning about conservation

carousel spider orchid

A month ago I started a course in Conservation & Land Management (Cert III) at West Coast Institute of Training in Joondalup and I love it! I know a bit already from my work at Nuts About Native Nursery and my interest in conservation, but I’m learning so much and finding lots of topics I want to blog about, I just don’t have the time. Right now I’m meant to be drawing a weed map and writing a revegetation report. But I have to post some photos of the bushland around campus where we do our practical sessions.

making friends

Spring was the perfect time to start the course. Beauty surrounds me and I’m having a great time. When I get my homework under control, I’ll blog again.

nesting ducks hiding
I eat my lunch next to the lake, listening to the song of an Australian Reed Warbler and spying on the duck nesting among the sedge

big old jarrah
cowslip orchid sprouting in this jarrah trunk. I need to check if it’s flowered

digging holes
digging holes to look at soil horizons

pH test
testing the pH of the soil

new growth after fire
Hibbertia hypericoides resprouting after a fire last summer

kangaroo skull
kangaroo skull found in the bushland where we are weed mapping

red ink sundew (Drosera erythrorhiza) hiding among the weeds where we are mapping

the bushland aflame with winter wattle

beautiful winter wattle painting the bushland gold


4 thoughts on “learning about conservation

  1. Sounds really interesting and I guess I am starting later in life and having to pick up a few methods. Soil analysis might be useful as we have some quite different areas on a small stretch of land. It’s got a lot of biodiversity in plants. Good luck.

  2. I really enjoyed your post, and I look forward to reading more of your observations. Especially thank you for the Red Ink Sundew photo of the leaves. Quite different to the Scented Sundew, Tall Sundew and Climbing Sundew which we have growing here. Lisa

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