kangaroos in the city

a beautiful day at Lake Gwelup Reserve. the golf course is out of shot left. the lake proper is out of shot right through some bushland

After walking with the dog at the lake this afternoon I was getting in the car when I noticed someone looking at me from behind the fence of the golf course that backs onto Lake Gwelup Reserve, or rather about six pairs of eyes. The kangaroos that live at the golf course were wondering whether that pesky dog would jump the fence and disturb their evening feed. The dog was already in the car but after my not starting the engine because I was taking photos, his eyes found them and he watched intently. I know he wanted to jump the 7ft fence. The mob felt safe so they put on a show for us.

kangaroos feeding behind the fence

They had been feeding under the trees, but leisurely hopped onto the fairway. One lay down to sunbathe, cos silly people taking photos is an everyday occurrence for this mob. A golf buggy drove past and two roos had a sparring session. They could take on a golf buggy any time they wanted!

kangaroos sparring

Unfortunately their peace didn’t last. A second golf buggy drove past with a barking dog on board. Who knew you could take your dog golfing? The kangaroos weren’t impressed and hopped off to a quieter spot.

kangaroos watching me intently

I wish I had my SRL with me because these shots from my phone are pretty bad, but it was a treat to see the roos. I’ve known they lived at the golf course for years but never seen them. Sometimes they hop the fence into the bushland around Lake Gwelup, it’s no match for a kangaroo on a mission. On North Beach Road which borders the front entrance of the golf course is a Kangaroo Warning sign. It looks odd in the middle of suburbia, usually you only see these signs on country roads. I’m glad we have these friendly neighbours.

beware of kangaroos on the road

note on the photos

the poor quality photos are of the Gwelup western grey kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus). here’s a better shot of a joey in its mother’s pouch at John Forrest National Park in the hills east of Perth. and yes, that’s joey’s foot sticking out above its head.

kangaroo joey in its mother's pouch


3 thoughts on “kangaroos in the city

  1. Thanks for this post – the feet make me laugh! I’ve got quite a few photos of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo joeys with feet poking out of the pouch at odd angles. It always makes me smile. Lisa

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