Perth’s flooded gum

the boardwalk at Lake Gwelup wends through Eucalyptus rudis

The flooded gum (Eucalyptus rudis) is Perth’s river gum, growing along our rivers, lakes and water courses. Its range extends north to Geraldton and into the south-west of WA. These beautiful trees surround Lake Gwelup and as the water level ebbs and flows, they often stand in water in winter and spring. With this inundation from winter rains they flower and this month the first flowers are starting to open.

bud caps of Eucalyptus rudis with first flowers of the season

Scientific name Eucalyptus rudis

Common name Flooded gum, Moitch

Eucalyptus rudis at sundown

Flowers winter

flowers of Eucalyptus rudis

Bud-cap (operculum) conical

Gum nut hemispherical with valves projecting

gum nuts of Eucalyptus rudis

Bark rough bark on trunk and lower branches, smooth bark on higher branches

rough bark on the lower branches of Eucalyptus rudis

The hollows in flooded gums are used for nesting by black ducks, grey teal, wood ducks, bats, possums, kingfishers, pardalotes, owls, and parrots.

galahs in Eucalyptus rudis with a hollow branch used for nesting

Growth habit medium tree 17-25m, grows in clayey soil by rivers, lakes or winter damplands

growth habit of Eucalyptus rudis

Eucalyptus rudis at Lake Gwelup reflected in winter water that dries out in summer

Eucalyptus rudis growing next to winter water that dries out in summer

Florabase record


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Eucalyptus rudis at Lake Gwelup


4 thoughts on “Perth’s flooded gum

  1. Thank you. Most interesting and informative. You live in a very different ecosystem than do I. Thanks for sharing your considerable knowledge about yours with me.

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