world oceans day

don't let the sun set on our seas

Today is World Oceans Day. Our oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and hold most of our water, but they are threatened on many fronts and need our help. Climate change is slowing but surely killing coral reefs.

“The magnificent Great Barrier Reef is already experiencing severe bleaching due to a 0.4°C rise in water temperature. Each year, about 60% of our reef is subject to some bleaching. Professor Ross Garnaut pointed out that we are ‘likely to see, by mid-century, the effective destruction of the Great Barrier Reef'” – Australian Conservation Foundation

Use a carbon calculator to work out how your lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions: your car, how your food is produced and in your home. Then look at ways you can change your behaviour and choose energy-efficient options.

ocean spray on the rocky shore

“Overfishing, destructive fishing gear and poor aquaculture practices impact significantly on our seas, marine wildlife and habitats. An incredible 80% of the world’s fish stocks are now over-exploited or fished right up to their limit. Once considered inexhaustible, our oceans are now in a state of global crisis, and they need our help” – Australian Marine Conservation Society

Use Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide to decide which seafood has less impact on our oceans’ health.

plastic bottle washed up on the beach

Plastic and other litter can harm and kill ocean life. Marine animals can become entangled in rope or nets and drown; or swallow plastic bags and starve because it gets stuck in their stomach. Try to use less plastic or a reusable alternative such as glass. Wherever you are: in a boat, at the beach or walking, hold your rubbish until you find a bin to put it in. Bins are emptied into landfill, where our rubbish accumulates (producing methane) but much of what we throw out can be recycled after rubbish is collected from bins.

And of course Coastcare groups clean up our beaches and plant dune vegetation. Contact your local council to find a group in your area and volunteer a little of your time.

Cherish and enjoy our oceans and beaches, I do every day.


I have a tendency to take ocean photos with the horizon on a tilt. really have to work on that.


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