planting by the sea

planting at Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare

This week Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare (SNEC) started planting in the dunes of at the southern end of Marmion Marine Park. I went to Hamersley Beach yesterday morning to help. In between planting, I took (too many) photos and unbeknownst to me, my phone dropped out of my pocket. Did I bury it in a hole when planting or drop it in a bucket of water?? I spent 15 minutes running around the dunes looking for my phone, with two other volunteers calling my number in hopes I would hear it ringing. And there it was, sitting on a dune plant, protected from the sand and not even wet from the watering hose.

newly planted sand dune with larger plants from last year's planting

There was more excitement when a sea lion popped up its head close to shore and entertained the volunteers for about 15 minutes. One of the volunteers thought it was too small for a sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) but we don’t have seals visiting our shores, so it might have been a juvenile sea lion. Sadly I was too busy digging holes and missed him, but I did catch a skink sunning on the bricks of the fence protecting the dunes. Skink wasn’t happy with me snapping photos, but I didn’t take up too much of his busy basking time.

skink basking on the beach wall

before planting Conostylis aculeata the roots looked good

good roots on Conostylis aculeata

Conostylis aculeata in the ground with Spinifex longifolius behind from last year’s planting

Conostylis aculeata newly planted

checking out the roots of Scaevola crassifolia

good roots on Scaevola crassifolia

With all the rain in the past month the sand we planted in was still damp in places, but every plant was watered in with wetting agent added.

all plants were watered in with wetting agent added

the water cart was used to water in all the plants

the water cart with wetting agent added to the water

Hopefully the high rainfall of May will continue into winter and the plants will have a good start to their beach life. Other Coastcare groups have started planting and if you have the time, contact your local council to find out which group is in your area and volunteer to help with dune rehabilitation.


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