what plant is that? limestone mallee

magpie in Eucalyptus petrensis

I recently identified limestone mallee (Eucalyptus petrensis) growing in a bushland reserve near my house. It took me a while to identify, but I’m not alone there. Limestone mallee was first collected in 1972 but not named until 1993 because it was confused with limestone marlock (Eucalyptus decipiens) [1]. Eucalyptus petrensis grows in shallow soil on limestone, so is found in a “limited coastal distribution on the first and second seaward limestone outcrops” [2]. The strip of bush where I found limestone mallee is very degraded but has been planted in the past. I’m not sure if these trees are original or part of a revegetation project. A stand of naturally occurring limestone mallee grows at Bold Park.

Scientific name Eucalyptus petrensis

Common name limestone mallee, rock mallee

Flowers autumn

flowers of Eucalyptus petrensis

Bud-cap pointed

bud caps of Eucalyptus petrensis

Bark smooth grey bark shed in autumn

growth habit of Eucalyptus petrensis

Growth habit spindly mallee 1-4m

Florabase record http://florabase.com/browse/profile/13541


  1. Powell (2009) Leaf and Branch: Trees and Tall Shrubs of Perth. 2nd ed. DEC: Perth
  2. French & Nicolle (1997) The Special Eucalypts of Perth and the South-West. F&N Publications: Perth


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