swimming with dolphin

Peasholm Street Dog Beach

At the beach today a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) came into shore to wow us beach goers at Peasholm Street Dog Beach. I take photos of every little thing I see, but I didn’t bring my camera today because I planned to swim. I’m not a strong swimmer even though I go to the beach a lot. I only go in the water if the waves aren’t too big, today was such a day. Everyone else had their phone out, recording the antics of Dolph, all I could do was feast my eyes but what a sight it was!

The dolphin was swimming northward about 3-4m from the shore, surfacing, then diving, swimming closer then further out, and generally having a great time. I went in the water, hoping Dolph would swim up to me. I was shoulder height-ish in the water and it’s not a good idea to approach a wild animal so I hoped he might choose to investigate me. Dolph didn’t come closer so I went back on shore and walked as he swam north, playing all the while. Saying I swam with a dolphin might be an exaggeration but watching the dolphin play so close to shore was an awesome experience. I’ll remember to always take my camera to the beach in case he comes back for more inshore antics.

The dolphin had a white rostrum (beak). Of the bottlenose dolphins I’ve seen, none had a white rostrum.* Looking online I couldn’t see any pictures of this phenomenon. I wondered if it was because this individual is older, or maybe it’s just an anomaly.

the dog thinks I'm too slow walking through the dunes

* There is a white beaked dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) but this is endemic to the sub-arctic North Atlantic, not Perth’s coast. The solid grey of the head and body and beak length were consistent with a bottlenose dolphin.


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