cleaning up after you


my hard work, but still more rubbish to collect

today i went to Star Swamp Reserve to pick up some trash for Clean Up Australia Day. i worked along the fenceline on North Beach Rd & a women pushing a pram passed by and said, “Good on you, you’re doing a great job!” having a baby would make picking up rubbish difficult, but those who can’t join in, can provide encouragement!


i haven't seen a can with this tab-pull since the 1980s. has this been in the bush all that time?

rubbish bags were provided to volunteers on which the Day’s sponsors were listed: Maccas is a “founding partner.” were it not for Maccas & its fast food buddies, we wouldn’t need a Clean Up Australia Day!


rubbish found in the bushland

despite being the second day of autumn, it was blistering hot, so sun protection & lots of water were a must. perhaps because its autumn now,the sky put on a show.


the clouds today were amazing


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