clean up australia

Andy Warhol once said he was in love with plastic. So durable, so full of potential, everything just sliding off the surface. I could definitely see the appeal.

from Notes from the Teenage Underground by Simmone Howell (Pan Macmillan, 2006)

plastic bottle washed up on the beach

This Sunday is Clean Up Australia Day. Many local councils and community groups are organizing rubbish pick-ups at beaches, bushland reserves and public open spaces. You can find out where to go in your area from the ‎ Clean Up Australia Day Facebook. Go to a local spot on Sunday morning and help out. It’s going to be very hot in Perth this weekend, so take water to drink, wear a hat and sunscreen and enclosed footwear because snakes are active.

Star Swamp Bushland Reserve in summer

I’m going to Star Swamp Bushland where volunteers will collect rubbish from 8am – 11am. Meet at the Henderson Environmental Centre on Groat Street to sign on and collect a rubbish bag and gloves. Most of the rubbish is around the perimeter of the Reserve, but there is some along the tracks, so you can combine your community effort with a walk through the beautiful bushland. Morning tea will be provided.

plastic rings from bottles and jars can strangle small animals

Plastic and other litter can harm and kill wildlife. It’s particularly bad in the ocean because marine animals can become entangled in rope or nets and drown; or swallow plastic bags and starve because it gets stuck in their stomach. Littering is illegal and people can be fined. Wherever you are: a boat, a car or walking, hold your rubbish until you find a bin and put it in. Bins are emptied into landfill, where our rubbish accumulates (producing methane) but much of what we throw out can and is recycled after rubbish is collected from bins.


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