Lake Gwelup

the boardwalk this weekLake Gwelup is a regionally significant wetland and after good rainfall last year,* the water level is still high. In recent times the lake dries over summer, although this wasn’t the case historically. In winter the bird population of Lake Gwelup and the surrounding bushland swells with migratory birds arriving from throughout Eastern Asia, as far away as Japan, China and Korea.
waterbirds on the lake in winterThe water level under the boardwalk in September was the highest I’ve seen.the boardwalk in SeptemberRecent plantings by the Friends of Lake Gwelup were inundated with the rising water in August last year.

recent plantings inundated with the rising water in AugustAs the water recedes, bird tracks criss-cross the mud under the boardwalk.

bird tracks in the mudThe waterbirds were enjoying the high water this week.

the high water this summerPaperbarks (Melaleuca) and flooded gums (Eucalyptus rudis) at the water’s edge were inundated and enjoyed a good soaking. This view of the receding water is from the north side of the lake.

receding water on the north side of the lakeBlack winged stilts in the shallows as evening falls in December.

black winged stilts in the shallows* Last year Perth had the wettest August and September for 58 years, with 311.6 mm of rainfall.


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