a glass of rainwater

glass of rainwater

I’m drinking rainwater again after 6 months of tap water. After my tank ran down over summer, I didn’t set up the filter again until now. Why did I take so long when my favourite drink is rainwater??

ceramic and charcoal water filter I have a number of cleaning and filtration methods to ensure the water I’m drinking is as pure as when it fell from the clouds.

  • Leaf Eater on the pipe coming from the gutter
  • First Flush Diverter to wash the roof and gutter every time it rains. I clean the filter after rain because it gets pretty mucky
  • Screen covering the opening to the tank
  • Ceramic and charcoal filter in the kitchen

rainwater tank in my gardenThere’s a weeping hose attached to the bottom plug which removes water below the tap to water the vegetable bed behind the tank. A timer is a very important addition because I once left the weeping hose running for 24hrs and lost a whole tank of water.


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