the watermelon patch

watermelon plant taking overI planted Moon and Stars watermelon seeds from The Diggers Club last year, at the start of summer. I planted them among sunflowers in the empty block behind my house. It’s sand but I spread some compost before planting the seeds. While the sunflowers were growing I hand watered and the sunflowers grew well, but only one watermelon plant came up (from 2 or 3 seeds). It was very small for quite some time, but while I wasn’t looking it grew enormously.
ripening watermelon growing in sandNow the plant is about 3m x 3m, showing no signs of slowing, and has three fruit developing. I haven’t watered out there all year. There’s been more rain than usual this autumn, but not much fell in April and there was pretty much no rain in January and February. The summer was one of the hottest on record for Perth, and the heat continued into autumn, with 30°C+ days in April. I wonder how the plant survived, let alone thrived.
Cider the pup investigating the watermelonI haven’t tasted the fruit, so I don’t know if the harsh growing conditions will affect the taste, and I’m looking forward to my watermelons ripening. But I don’t know how to tell when the fruit is ripe, can anyone help me?
today's storm rolling in when I was at the beach yesterday=^.^=

5 thoughts on “the watermelon patch

  1. i found out that when the small spoon leaf and small vine near the stem turn brown the watermelon is ripe. it may not happen at the same time

  2. Thanks for this post. We planted watermelon seeds too, but none of ours came up. It was interesting to read that you planted in sand, with dry conditions and it still grew. That’s encouraging. Maybe we over-watered ours. We’re still new at this kind of thing.

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