A wet November

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the unusual rainfall this spring.

The start of November had 29.4mm over four days, already above the monthly average of 19.7mm. So far the less than average rainfall in September has not been cancelled out by November’s deluge. The average from 1 September to 30 November is 152mm and we’ve had 143.6mm. If the forecast rain falls we’ll be going even more above November’s average, but may only meet the three month average. Seeing as predicting the weather isn’t my forte, I’ll get back to reporting on what’s been and gone.

The forecast rain fell and November’s rainfall was 57.8mm, the most November rain since 1984, when 73mm fell [1]. On 23 November there was 17.4mm – almost November’s average in one day. All this rain increased November’s long term average to 22.1mm. A wet November was the case across Australia.

Above to very much above average November 2008 rainfall over much of Australia largely cleared short-term rainfall deficiencies, especially over the NT, SA and WA.

Trigg beach There’s been patchy rain this week, but I’ve had to get back into watering the vegies every morning. The tomatoes and beans loved November’s downpour and while a shower or two is forecast for the coming week, temperatures are a lot more summery – beach weather is here.

And yes my rainwater tank is pretty much full. I filled my new frog pond (120L) and I’ve been using the tank water around the garden, although not for all watering. There’s probably still over 2000L.

The frog pond is under construction so there’s only little wriggling things which may be mosquito larvae. The filter I’m installing this weekend should deal with them. My dad asked me if I’d like some frogs for Christmas, but Anouska assures me they will just arrive – one day.



  1. Painter, Stephanie (2008) “Perth creeps up on rainfall recordThe West Australian, 24 November

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