All that rain

Well into spring rain is still falling in Perth. I was so sure this year’s rain had ended, but there’s more forecast for the end of the week. There was 38.4mm in October, slightly below the average of 43.1mm. But the start of November had 29.4mm over four days, already above the monthly average of 19.7mm. So far the less than average rainfall in September has not been cancelled out by November’s deluge. The average from 1 September to 30 November is 152mm and we’ve had 143.6mm. If the forecast rain falls we’ll be going even more above November’s average, but may only meet the three month average. Seeing as predicting the weather isn’t my forte, I’ll get back to reporting on what’s been and gone.

glass of water by Bergius on Flickr There were some pretty hot 30°C days in October, but at the start of November the nights got chilly again. One night it was 6.5°C! After packing away my doona, I had to get it out for a week or so. Now the summery temperatures are back. Although it hasn’t yet reached 30°C I can feel stinking hot days and sultry nights on the way.

November’s rain means my new rainwater tank is half full! 1300ish litres of water. I thought it wouldn’t collect any rain until next winter. I was so excited I drank a glass of water directly from the tank. I hadn’t yet got a ceramic and charcoal filter, but I looked at the glass and it looked nice and clear. I started drinking and half way through had another look at it. That’s when I decided there were some “bits” in it and maybe I would water a plant with the rest.

After this little effort, my dad suggested I don’t drink what’s collected so far, but use it on the garden to ensure any contaminants from manufacture are washed away. This was further confirmed when we realised the first flush diverter wasn’t installed properly and wasn’t working at all!? I had vaguely wondered why there was nothing dripping from it, but then happily ignored it. At the same time the first flush diverter was fixed, my dad installed a Leaf Eater on the downpipe too. I was trying to be very helpful, but my dad thought I was just being annoying :) Now there will be even less visible contaminants and my newly acquired ceramic and charcoal filter will deal with things I can’t see.

I do wonder if all this is necessary because I had no ill affects from that half a glass, despite my unwillingness to continue it to the end. Maybe I’ve just got a strong stomach.


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