Sunny Spring

Spring sprung a couple of months ago and summer is on its way. Hot days of 30°C have started already and the rain has pretty much ended for the year. I thought it rained quite a bit at the end of September, but we recieved less than the September average of 90.1mm. Last month 75.8mm of rain fell, 39.6mm in the last week and 21mm on Thursday of that week. I got a rainwater tank during that week. Sadly, despite the copious rain, my tank wasn’t connected and missed it all. Perth gets some rain during the rest of the year (on average 69.2mm), but it won’t make a dint in the tank until next winter. I should have got it at the start of winter, when I first planned to.

The Bureau of Meteorology said September’s rainfall has not improved drought conditions in most areas of Australia.

Below average September 2008 rainfall over Victoria, southern NSW, SA and the WA interior maintained short and long-term deficiencies in these areas. In contrast, average to above average September falls over much of the remainder of the country gave some minor relief to short-term deficits over southwest WA, northeast NSW, southwest NT and Queensland.

Rainfall deficiencies for the last 12 months, 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2008

Looking at the current Rainfall deficiency maps for Australia they show more white areas, designating average or above average rainfall, than in past months. Maps for the past 3, 6, 9 and 12 months all have less areas of rainfall deficiency than previously.

October begins Perth’s (not very restrictive) summer water restrictions on household sprinkler use. I’m planning to water the garden less because I’m about to convert more lawn to garden beds. This time it’s for more drought tolerant native plants. I’ve already run out of room in the bed I converted from nasty agapanthus. There’s another area I want to rip the agapanthus from. It’s shady and at first I thought I would leave it, but I’ve found a list of shade tolerant native plants. I’ve already planted a Boronia, which was looking sickly, but it might pick up. I’ll acquire some more species and get to work on the killing of those nasty, weedy agapanthus. I pulled out some the other week and it’s hard work – I slept well that night.


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