Weeding Star Swamp

A month ago a Lupin Pull was held at Star Swamp Bushland Reserve. These are organized by the Friends of Star Swamp Bushland and happen in autumn and spring. I keep meaning to go, but never quite make it out of bed in time. I turned up at 11am, but by then it was pretty much over. I received a map of areas where lupins are growing, but when I went to find some to pull, I couldn’t find any. I did find some Euphorbia and pulled them up, and I took lots of photos of the spring flowers. The next Lupin Pull is on Sunday 28 September. I will arrive at 10am, so I don’t have to rely on my map reading skills.

red areas are patches of lupins growing in Star Swamp

When lupin pulls first started in the late 1970s, most of the reserve was covered in lupins up to 1 metre high. Annual pulling has dramatically reduced this number but seeds can lay dormant in the soil for years, germinating in good times. Lupins spread quickly and thickly, forming dense patches which prevent native species from germinating or growing. Lupins also put too much nitrogen in the soil, again inhibiting the growth of native species. [1]

The deliberately lit fire in March 2008 means there’s lots of space for dormant weed seeds to germinate.



  1. “Lupin Mayday!” (2008) Friends of Star Swamp Bushland Newsletter, Spring.

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