The solar powered what!?

solar powered bra Back when I had a full time job and I was “rolling in money” (a relative term) there were a number of things on which I regularly wasted my money. Of course they were all things I just couldn’t live without!

One of these things was lingerie. I’m not just talking underwear here. It had to be sexy, have lace or pretty patterns or lots of shiny nylon gunk and it had to be a matching set. I’m not exactly well-endowed (a bit like this model) so I don’t need that much support. Sports bra? What’s that?

I would still be indulging my evil ways if it weren’t for my decrease in income. I can’t go into lingerie shops these days because I would have to put something on my credit card. I look longingly through the entrance and hurry away. Luckily my excessive amounts of lingerie are still going strong – there was a reason for buying more than I could ever hope to wear.

I may have found redemption – the solar powered bra. When I first heard about it on the radio I wondered why anyone needed to power a bra – an electric wonder bra that really enhances things? It’s not quite as interesting as my imagination. Once you’re all charged up, you plug in your Ipod or something. And I do love that shade of green in lingerie, I may even have some of my own in that colour.

Sadly solar powered bras won’t be selling anytime soon. You can’t wash them – smelly undies or electrocution? And you do have to walk around in only your bra. This could work because when the sun’s shining to power up your bra, that’s when you don’t want to wear so many clothes because of the ambient temperature. I guess most people wouldn’t agree.

Greenwash alert.


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