A new (old) fridge and a cat looking for a home

my old fridge with the removal man, my dad My grandma recently moved into a nursing home and her house is being emptied ready to be rented. I scored her fridge (only owed by one elderly lady). It has a separate fridge compartment and freezer, which my old fridge didn’t. You had to open the fridge door to get to the freezer, so it wasn’t as efficient as a fridge with them separate. I had to defrost the old freezer more often than I would like. Also if you let the ice build up too much around the freezer compartment (which I had a tendency to do) you couldn’t close the fridge door, which meant it had to be defrosted right that moment.

my new fridge The new fridge has a frost-free freezer, so theoretically I won’t ever have to defrost it, but I still don’t believe that. It’s about 12 years old. My other fridge was second hand in 2001, so it’s probably older than 12 years. The new fridge is a bit smaller. I wondered if everything would fit in on shopping day, but it did. The freezer compartment of the new one is a bit larger, and I occasionally ran out of room with the old freezer, so I’m glad of this.

three star energy rating The new one has a three star energy efficiency rating, in the middle of the rating system. It uses 646kWh per year. I use an average 2kWh of electricity per day, which equals 730kWh per year. I wonder if this fridge will increase my 2kWh per day, or if the fridge is the main culprit in my energy consumption. (I’m not going fridge-less as Greenpa and Green as a Thistle Vanessa endorse, I only shop once a week and drink too much milk for that.) I’m going to keep my old fridge for a couple of months (unplugged) to see if my electricity usage changes. If I’m happy with the new one after this I’ll advertise the old one in the local classified newspaper (The Quokka). The old fridge made a lot of gurgling noises. The new one is a lot quieter but it sometimes makes a softer, but higher pitched noise. I didn’t like the noise at first, but I’m getting used to it.

tabby cat looking for a home Something else which has to leave my grandma’s house soon is her cat. The cat has no name (she may have once been called Daisy, but that never stuck) and she’s quite happy being the cat or Puss. My dad has been feeding her every day, but when the house is empty she can’t stay. My mum said no to the cat moving in with them. I don’t want the cat to go to the cat home because people don’t often want a fully grown cat and she might be euthanized, so I may end up with a fourth cat (that’s what you get for bringing home every cat you meet). If you want to adopt a de-sexed tabby, 5-ish years old, who is friendly once you get to know her, but has been known to get her claws out if you pat her the wrong way, she would be very grateful for a loving home. And she wants a home in Perth, Western Australia, she doesn’t have a passport.


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