Learning about Climate Change

in class by Susan NYC on Flickr The Australia Institute, with funding from Australian Ethical Investment, put together a series of teaching materials on climate change for high school teachers of Year 9 and 10. High school teachers and university academics were consulted in compiling the nine modules.

Teaching climate change cuts across a number of different school subjects, including Science, Society and Environment and Economics. The teaching materials address all aspects of climate change and can be used in their entirety or just those relevant to a particular subject.

Some of the questions covered in the nine modules include:

What might the impacts of climate change be in the future?
What role can international negotiations play?
Who is responsible for the damage caused by climate change?
Who will suffer most from its effects?
What policies can governments use to reduce our emissions?
What are the economic costs?
Is nuclear power the answer? [1]

The modules are available for anyone to download from www.teachingclimatechange.com.au



  1. Collett & Downie (2008) “Teaching Climate Change” The Australia Institute News, no.54, p.7.

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