Another fire at Star Swamp

Last Thursday night there was a fire at Star Swamp.

The blaze only took an hour to control, officers stayed at the scene over night cleaning up debris. [1]

The vegetation was recovering well after the fire in March 2007. On Thursday only 11 hectares was burnt, a much smaller area than in March. News reports on Friday didn’t know the cause of it, but Dayle, a commenter to my blog, told me it was arson. There has been some rain in Perth the weekend before the fire, and temperatures were around 24ºC.

I had been thinking of going to Star Swamp to see the Nuytsia floribunda flowering. My dad saw them when he rode past the weekend before the fire, but I haven’t made it there yet. It was so awful seeing the devastation after the March fire, and I’m not sure I want to see that again.

banksia seed cone at Star Swamp

Even though it saddens me to hear that a person has lit another deliberate fire and many animals may have died in this small, and in some parts degraded, bushland reserve, Australia’s indigenous plants and animals are resilient and have evolved to survive fire. I’ve just been reading about the amazing evolution of banksia reproduction. I knew that banksia seed cones didn’t release their seeds until after fire, but they also have to receive consistent autumn rains before the seed is released,

the seeds fall from the dead cones at precisely the right moment to maximise their chances of survival. [2]



  1. Taylor, Belle (2007) Investigation launched into scrub fire. The West Australian newspaper, 21 Dec.
  2. Thiele, Kevin (2007) “WA’s National Parks: Home to a Noah’s Ark of Flora” Landscope magazine, vol.23, no.1, p.32-8.

One thought on “Another fire at Star Swamp

  1. Hi Clare,

    I stumbled across your blog today and was wondering if you were a member of teh Friends of Star Swamp?

    I liked you images, do you belong to any online photography Forums?



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