Singing Down the Earth

Who on Earth Cares The Australian Conservation Foundation has developed Who On Earth Cares, an online community where you can share what you’re doing to reduce your carbon emissions and find out who else in your area is doing the same. It was launched by Cate Blanchett, but I was more interested to hear that Felix Riebl from Melbourne band The Cat Empire champions Who On Earth Cares. Music will save the world! He said,

I’m concerned about climate change because this issue is moving faster than most people realise, and soon we are going to reach a point of irreversible, widespread damage. This would mean the generations to follow, our children, suffer for something we knew about, but did not avoid.

When you join up, there are some questions to answer about how you will/have decreased your carbon footprint. The options you can choose are:

Switch my household power supply to accredited GreenPower
Install a water efficient shower head
Set my washing machine to wash my clothes in cold water
Turn off computers and screens overnight at work and home
Eat one less serve of meat a week
Check and install adequate roof insulation
Avoid one domestic air flight this year and purchase carbon offsets
Drive 20 kilometres less each week
Reduce my household electricity and gas usage by 20%
Install a solar hot water heater

As I was ticking option after option (all except the flying one) I thought, Wow perhaps I’m not the lazyst environmentalyst. But air travel happens to produce the most carbon emissions so my list isn’t as good as it first appears. Does the fact that I’ve more than halved my driving make up for the air travel!? I have to be cynical and say that these options are all pretty “easy” things you can do to decrease your carbon emissions. I guess they had to list easy options so people will feel good about themselves. A false sense of security is a wonderful thing – I enjoy it. :)

There’s a map where you place your location. Although I provide a lot of information about myself through this blog and if a person really wanted they could probably find out where I live, I don’t want such a blatant marker of my house online. My location on Who On Earth Cares is the local school where Sheeba the dog and I walk (and the rest of the neighbourhood mutts). We go there at least once a day (Sheeba’s somehow coerced me into walking her twice a day – that’s what you get for living with a sheep dog in the city), so we might as well live there!

And hello to Rochelle, its nice to have someone checking my spelling!

Note: the title of this post was misappropriated from Margo Lanagan’s short story “Singing my Sister Down” from her award winning collection Black Juice (Allen & Unwin, 2004).


One thought on “Singing Down the Earth

  1. Hi Clare, I came here via flickr and read through your research work website. Great stuff. I do some youth work in a voluntary capacity and, although we use the arts, the graphic books idea seems to be in the periphery. I am also currently working on an anthology of poetry with graphics for each poem. When I get it done, I will look to publishing. And great environmental stuff. I don’t think many of us can get it right and live in this society, but hopefully we can get government to set up the policy environment to make it easier for everyone to make a better go of it.

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