A mess of hair

hair flying by D.Chaw on flickr My hair causes me endless trouble. In the past I’ve become so annoyed with it, I shaved it off. That’s fun for about a week and then I get bored of it. Hair takes quite a bit longer than a week to grow back. Right now, it’s just short which means I use one styling product, which is full of yucky ingredients and thus evil, but whatever.

I have a fondness for the smell of shampoo and I don’t think I could survive using none. Michael tried no shampoo for a bit. Then he had to gyprock a ceiling and needed the shampoo to get the dust out. Once you’ve started using shampoo again, you have to go through the first few days of yucky hair at the beginning and that was too much for him again. (I was glad of this because now his curls have their bounce back, which he hates.) I also don’t like the unpredictability of success with no shampoo. Baking soda (the solution to everything!?) is a bit out there for me. Using it to clean the bath is as close as it’ll get to my hair.

All the blogs I read talk about northern hemisphere hair products and I wasn’t sure what to try. My dish washing detergent led me to an Australian shampoo & conditioner – Fruits, but it uses petroleum derivatives. I tried Nature’s Elements shampoo & conditioner but it wasn’t so good. At first the shampoo made my hair stick together, as if it would be all knotty if I had longer hair. I thought the conditioner would fix it, but I got a bad batch. When I poured the conditioner out it had an almost solid lump at the top and then water. Shaking the bottle didn’t achieve much and I used it to water the garden. After getting used to it, I did like the shampoo and finished it, but I didn’t get anymore in case it was a bad batch again.

Alchemy shampoo and conditioner Then I tried Alchemy shampoo and conditioner. I got Lemongrass shampoo and Jojoba conditioner, because my hair is oily, although I don’t know why because I colour it. They smelled strange at first, but I love them now. Alchemy products are:

  • made in Australia
  • use plant derived ingredients
  • no petroleum derivatives (eg. propylene glycol, ethoxylates)
  • no sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, DEA, artificial colours
  • no animal products or testing
  • ingredient rich. I wondered why they said this. I’m guessing anything with ingredients is ingredient rich!

I dye my hair and I’ve been going through a black phase. It’s not a permanent colour, so it doesn’t stink of ammonia, but it does have propylene glycol and other nasties. I’ve had shades of red in the past, and because I’ve been enamoured with black for a while, I think it’s time for a change. Next time I’m going to try henna.


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