2 Fruit and 5 Veg

Although I have a vegetable garden, I only have a small area. Apart from herbs, I buy most of what I eat. The growing area is getting larger and I just got lots of seeds from the The Diggers Club. This summer my garden should go crazy.

Until recently I bought all my fruit and vegies from the supermarket. I never bought organic produce because it was always packaged in plastic and everything else is loose. Being lazyst, I liked the convenience of doing all my shopping in one place. Since I’ve been trying to live more sustainably and tackle my list of evil practices, I’ve realised I have to buy organic produce and seeing as there is an organic shop nearby, Absolutely Organics, I’ve started getting many of my fruit and vegies there. I also buy things like cereal makings and honey from Absolutely Organics.

2 fruit and 5 veg

Green as a Thistle Vanessa recently blogged about organic farming celebrity Harry MacCormack who told her why organic is better and the perils of eating non-organic squash and tubers. Harry MacCormack said,

If there is any DDT in the soil, squash [fruit sits on the soil, and also strawberries] or members of the tuber family [grows underground eg. potatoes] will suck it all up and store it in their flesh.

The organic produce shop has notices about why certain produce isn’t available. The current drought in some parts of Australia is causing problems for some of their suppliers. Eggs aren’t available because the supplier had to start adding a non-organic product to the hen’s feed. The recent floods in Queensland mean there have been no carrots available. The produce that isn’t available I get from an independent fruit and veg shop. Both these shops tell me the Australian state the item comes from (Absolutely Organics tells me the farm/town). The supermarket would just say which country, which doesn’t help much with Australia being so vast.

In the past I’ve preferred fruit to veg and eaten a greater variety in summer than winter. I love summer fruit like watermelon and peaches. I only buy them in season, so summer is my favourite time of year. Michael has been trying to introduce me to the “fun of vegies.” I’m still not totally convinced, but I am enjoying a lot more vegies. I recently discovered I can cook vegetable soup. The other week Michael said he didn’t want me to buy tinned soup anymore because the soup I make tastes better – those organic vegies! And I think roasted organic potatoes taste fluffier than other potatoes.

Both the fruit & veg shop and the supermarket have plastic bags to put individual items in. Mostly I collect items loose and pack them in my own calico bags to take home. For little things like beans and peas I do use individual plastic bags, but I reuse them numerous times (they get holes eventually). I’ve even trained Michael to air them out after use and put them in the cupboard to take when I shop. The organic shop has cardboard boxes (that their produce arrived in) to put your purchases in, which is a great reuse option.

Being lazyst and all, I sometimes waste fruit and vegies. This wastage is added to the compost bin. Thus it goes back into growing more vegies. Does that cancel out the waste?


5 thoughts on “2 Fruit and 5 Veg

  1. Claire, this all sounds great. Good luck with the vege garden. Expect progress reports! And keep up the adventures with the veges. They’re so good for you. :)

  2. Hi there,

    Please keep us up to date with your diggers seeds! I have been salivating and making lists but yet to actually buy any – maybe next year! I have heard mixed reports on the them, so I am always on the look out for people who have taken the plunge.

    Oh, and one of your posts mentioned digging up the lawn… I just spent most of last night reading about a guy who just builds his vegie patches on top of the lawn, and had lots of pictures.


    I’m hoping to get lots of pics of my own garden, but right now all I have is some broad beans and sweet potato.


  3. Re: digger’s seeds, years ago my dad bought them, which is why I tried them, but they were kind of expensive. I like that they have heirloom varieties and i will be able to collect seed for coming years. I will post on their progress – with pics.

    My dad’s done a similar thing to Len’s straw_bale_garden on top of parts his lawn. I half-heartedly tried it a couple of years ago at a previous house.

    At my current house, Sheeba the dog dug up the lawn by running back and forth along the fence, so I didn’t have to do any work. But after some rain all the grass seeds have come up in my new vegie bed and I have to weed.

    With the rest of the lawn I will try the newspaper/straw/compost method because Sheeba’s running took two years to make a good trench and I don’t want the grass popping back up. Altho I’m only going to do half the lawn because I like a little bit of grass to wash the dog on and lie on my sun lounge.

  4. So called disposal items that have have thought, time and money put into the idea “what has this stuff been made from, and what will happen to it when someone is finished with it”??

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