Recycling Tigers

Sheeba playing tennis Sheeba the dog’s favourite toy (apart from the skateboard) is a tennis ball, but occasionally she likes to play with something else. Sheeba isn’t allowed to maul the cats, so when she’s sick of them prancing around under her nose, she mauls one of her teddies. She’s been through quite a few because they eventually die from her mistreatment. Her favourite is still Headless Dog, but he doesn’t look the same without a head. Sad Rabbit’s head sits on the front fence as a trophy to Sheeba’s ferocious ways. Dead Ted is very flat with no stuffing and Sheeba doesn’t like him much anymore. He did make a very nice body outline (ears and all) one morning after he was left in the rain, unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to record the memory.

Sheeba has fun with headless dog sad rabbit sitting on the fence

tiger has a sore nose The local council is doing a bulk rubbish collection in our area soon and everyone is putting out their junk for the neighbourhood to paw through. The other day on our walk Sheeba and I found a huge soft toy white tiger that someone was throwing out. It was dirty (it might be a bit big for a washing machine) and had a hole in its nose where the stuffing was starting to come out. It could have been sewed and washed and had more life as a child’s companion, but Sheeba needed a new teddy to chew, so I dragged it home (and it was about to get rained on).

yummy tiger attacking the tiger Sheeba is loving her new plaything. She grabs it in her mouth and shakes it, just as she would like to shake a cat. It’s pretty big, not as easy to shake as her past teddies, but she manages. By the day after the tiger’s arrival, his head was hanging by a thread and he’s been losing quite a bit of stuffing. This goes into my rubbish bin and thus to landfill (it’s nylon and so won’t be breaking down anytime soon), but the tiger has been reused, rather than going to landfill straight away.


One thought on “Recycling Tigers

  1. In my travels round the neighbourhood I’ve been finding lots of treasure:

    a bird bath – the house owner was in his garden when I picked it up and he told me it was fine, he just didn’t want it anymore. When I got it home I found holes in it! But my dad told me he’d cement them up. The cats have been sitting next to it, waiting for the birds to arrive :(

    a cat basket – the cats still prefer sitting in the dog basket.

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