Rain, Rain, Rain

After Perth’s lack of rain in June (60mm compared to the previous average of 139.6mm*) Perth was facing a lower than average rainfall for July.

This map from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology shows the areas of Australia which experienced serious to severe rainfall deficiencies from 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007. Perth is in the palest pink area, with a serious deficiency in rainfall. Rainfall in Australia July 2006-June 2007

Last week meteorologists were saying Perth wouldn’t receive its average rainfall of 149.3mm, but then the rain came down and in one week we finished the month with 179.4mm of rain. On Monday 23 July Perth had received only 96.4mm since 1 July, but in the eight days to the end of July, 83mm fell. Luckily we didn’t have floods. Last night it was bucketing down and I was driving in a nearby suburb where the storm water drains were not coping with the rain. The pools at the edges of the roads looked like they foretold a flood, but the shining sun and clear skies today have fixed that.

After such a sunny winter and then days of rain in a row, my mum said she was sick of winter! I was enjoying the sunny days, but it’s nice not to have to water the vegies.

* When I first blogged about the lack rain in June, June’s average rainfall was 139.6mm. After the lower rainfall in June 2007 the average has lowered to 134.3mm, because averages are calculated from previous records, and thus change over time.


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