Not more advice on how to Green my Life!

I used to have no knowledge of current affairs, but Michael moved in and turned my world upside down. He sabotaged my innocent little tv (that only ever knew DVDs) with a coat-hanger aerial (we don’t waste money on materialistic goods, we make our own!). Now I get sucked into the almighty box every night. I still have a book open in my lap, but those stupid soapies buzz at my ear. The other night some evil “news” program informed me of

the new study [that] shows rainwater tanks are a cost-effective solution to the urban water problems plaguing Melbourne, Sydney and South-East Queensland.

I guess its not always drivel about who shot who today. I looked at the ACF website to read the report prepared by economists Marsden Jacobs Associates for the Australian Conservation Foundation, Environment Victoria and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. I knew it wasn’t really relevant to WA because we have a dryer climate than the eastern states of Australia, but I still wanted to find out more. But I found something even better! – the Western Australia GreenHome Guide. I considered printing it out, but luckily noticed the 63 pages before I pressed the print button (it was going to be double sided, but I decided to save one tree). There are also guides for three other Australian states, with more to follow, and guides to water and energy saving renovations, at the moment only for NSW.

I’ve been an ACF member for years, but I never got around to going online and signing up for their GreenHome challenge. Maybe one day I will.

I skimmed bits of the WA guide and lots of the suggestions I already do, but I’m sure to find things I didn’t know about or more likely – things that I haven’t yet done because I’m too lazy. The main thing I have to do is have SHORTER SHOWERS! This is a big thing for me because I think I’m genetically programmed to stand under a stream of hot water for a very long time. Will power may not be enough. I think the only way I could overcome this problem is to go on a game show which involves the person taking the shortest shower winning a million dollars. I’m still trying to decide whether it would be on after 9:30pm (sans clothes) or not.


One thought on “Not more advice on how to Green my Life!

  1. There’s only so much households can do to reduce greenhouse emissions and as Peter Garrett, the Australian federal opposition’s environment spokesperson (and former ACF president), said,

    The major producers of emissions in this country are not individuals, they’re governments and business.

    from BBC news

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