The Saga of the Showerhead

The Western Australian Dept of Water Waterwise Rebate website says,

a water-efficient showerhead can save up to 3,300 litres of water per person, per year.

The Sustainable Living website of the Western Australian government says,

approximately 42% of our total domestic water usage is used inside the home.

Although this is brought into perspective by Geoff Russell in an article he wrote for Dissent (no.22, summer 2006/07, p. 40). He said,

domestic water consumption is 8.8% of the total [water consumption in Australia, (ABS, Water Account Australia 2004, report no. 4610.0)] and only 20% of that [8.8%] is used in the bathroom.

I’ve wanted to get a water-efficient showerhead for a while, but I had a gas water heater, which is incompatible with a water-efficient showerhead. I recently got a solar water heater, the water pressure has increased and a water-efficient showerhead could be installed. There was one day after the solar water heater was installed and the water-efficient showerhead had not yet been installed when my boyfriend Michael said the shower was much better and now he could enjoy his showers. I knew that the water-efficient showerhead might change this, but I held my tongue in case the difference wasn’t noticeable.

My (rather dirty) bathroom. The plumber who installed the piping was obviously an artistic type -  he wanted to make a feature out of the pipes, rather than doing the boring thing of hiding them in the wall.

Michael had the first shower after the new showerhead was installed and he said it was awful and he wanted the old showerhead back, I told him to get over it and I’d have a shower and see how it was. It was different, but I didn’t mind it. One of the comments Michael had about it was that the water felt like needles. I thought it felt like a nice massage, but maybe I’m just a masochist.

I tried to reach a compromise (sadly, Michael was going to have to compromise more than me) by saying we would wait two months and then if Michael still didn’t like it, I would consider other options.

Michael is very grumpy in the morning, for about half an hour after he gets up, and you don’t want to cross him at this time. Unfortunately the shower did. The first morning Michael had a shower before work, you could have heard his abuse from down the street. I was still in bed and hearing him berate the shower and tell it to give him more water was kind of funny. But I was glad I was in bed and didn’t actually reply to anything he was saying. Another thing he said (to the shower) was that he was going to get another showerhead and replace the new one with it when he had a shower. I talked to him when he got home that night about his highly amusing tirade and reminded him of his plan to buy a new showerhead. He didn’t recall that particular idea and thought it may have been uttered in a fit of passion. After this conversation I thought it was all over.

The all new water-efficient showerhead

Not so. The next morning it happened all over again! I had got up earlier than Michael that morning and I was lucky enough to take part in the tirade, countering everything he said with a rational answer, although these answers were uttered at high volume. I also told him to keep his feelings to himself because the whole street could hear him. He didn’t. After he’d calmed down (more than 10 minutes after exiting the shower) he told me he would get a better water-efficient showerhead. I don’t think he’s going to find one that he likes, but I didn’t like to dampen his enthusiasm.

I suggested he have shower after work rather than before so that he wouldn’t be grumpy and yell about how much he hates it. Michael didn’t think I was being very supportive of his problem. At least his misery is saving water.


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