Addendum on govt cronyism

Serendipity rears her pretty head again. I don’t take in much mass media and so I’m a bit slow when it comes to current affairs (most of its just the same old stories. Don’t they get bored?). Get up sent me this email on Thursday:

The last thing most Australians want is to follow our American allies down the path to Big Money democracy, where too often wealthy special interests and cashed up lobbyists decide what’s best for everyone else. Problem is, that’s increasingly what we’re up against, and nowhere is this more obvious – or dangerous – than Canberra’s approach to climate change.
Last week, the Prime Minister [Little Johnny Howard] made headlines for admitting he launched his national nuclear inquiry with knowledge that a major Liberal party donor was setting up his own private nuclear company…
Despite all the hot air coming out from Canberra about lobbyists, cronyism and cracking down on big money interests, influence inside the people’s house is increasingly up for sale.

Businessman Ron Walker and John Howard were recently talking about

Walker’s plans to register the business Australian Nuclear Energy…Howard says there is nothing unusual about speaking to a businessman.

In another news story about this, Australia’s Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull said,

Labor’s [the opposition party] opposition to nuclear energy casts doubt over its commitment to addressing the impact of climate change. You cannot run a modern economy on wind farms and solar panels. It’s a pity that you can’t, but you can’t.

I weep for our environment with such clueless politicians running around.

Read about the inquiry of the prime ministerial taskforce reviewing nuclear energy and uranium mining and processing in Australia. Before the inquiry, Ziggy Switkowski was on the board of Australia’s nuclear advisory and research organisation, ANSTO, since the beginning of 2006. When first appointed to the head of the taskforce, he denied this was in conflict with his position on the board. He said,

I am on this, or will chair this review panel, and do not do so as a representative of a particular organisation.

He subsequently stepped aside from the board of ANSTO.

Ah, the joys of democracy. Long live anarchy!


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